Cultivating Ethics of Profession: Awakening of Global Civil Consciousness

Citizen of the world

Qualitative research methods such as participatory, ethnography and action research all call for a shift in the researcher’s position in terms of relating to the subject. These require a shift from an authority position to co-learners, where one cannot hide oneself behind the mask of a profession. The position that a qualitative researcher takes entails a search for common ground as humanity. I call this common ground, global civil consciousness. It is an equal ground where people can relate one another heart to heart. Cultivation of this is needed to move beyond research in academia, to connect with efforts at the ground level.

King's college circle

We will explore how education of a global civil consciousness can become an ethic that can be taken up by every profession and how psychology can lead this process. In this workshop we will explore through sharing experiences where we found equal ground, simply as human to human with others in professional working situations, in moments where we felt vulnerable and authentic in relationship with others, breaking through the safe mask of professionalism. Participants will explore through exercises where each can find a shared ground. Working with arts, they will sharpen awareness of common humanity in each person, as a primary for all other psychological tools. Finally we will envision the role of psychology in the future, in the context of participating as citizens in a global social justice movement, transforming a responsibility of a profession to that of a citizen of the world.


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