Creating a Public Space through Performance

When we talk about social change, political solutions and causes, take center stage focusing on problem, affixing blame etc. Often we leave the space feeling frustrated, defeated and energetically drained. In this workshop we will look into the potential of shared artistic experience to transform the rhetoric of change. Concretely, we will explore a way to create a therapeutic space through performance. As a form of cultural therapy in a public space we will move with the participants toward a transformation of the individual as well as the social space and thus transform the context of social issues.

The project called “For Our Mother’s Sake” is brought as a specific example to be used.  For Our Mother’s Sake is an artistic endeavor by a group of people through performance to open up a space to energies of the mother in all people, as a healing approach to symptoms manifested as social problems. Working closely with an example, we will explore characteristics of cultural therapy through performance, the role of the facilitator in holding the space. We will do this through working with the exercises to apply clinical skills used in one on one therapy to a public space, as toward a cultural therapy. Specific skills include deep listening, dialogue facilitation, ways to invite participants into the process. To close, we will each imagine possible public space for cultural therapy and through dialogue we will identify where our deepest will for healing converges with the needs of the world.

For the Sake of Our Mother


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